Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas: Recommendations from a 2x Mom, Postpartum Doula & Lactation Counselor

Baby sprinkle gift ideas

A baby sprinkle is a delightful way to honor growing families, especially those welcoming their second, third, or fourth child. Unlike a baby shower, where gift registries often feature a long list of basics, a sprinkle celebrates with a more minimalist approach, as parents likely already have many baby essentials from previous children.

I’ve had 2 kids of my own, and I’ve cared for scores of families as a postpartum doula and certified lactation counselor, so what are MY sprinkle go-to gifts? In my most recent YouTube video for Nessle’s ParentswarmTM channel, where we’re sharing honest product and service recommendations for brands in the parent/family/baby industry, I share what I brought to a friend’s sprinkle as we celebrated the upcoming birth of her third child. 

Note: we are NOT making affiliate revenue from Parentswarm posts! This is all my honest reviews, unsponsored and unfiltered. 

Here's what I brought to my friend Emily's baby sprinkle:

1. MunchMitt by Malarkey Kids

2. "Smile" board book by Roberta Grobel Intrater

3. On-the-go sound machine, MyBaby by Homedics

4. A handmade "sibling quilt" crafted from scrap fabric - my own creation! - I pieced together a sandwich of 2 fat quarters of scrap cotton, with a natural cotton batting in between. I then cut out the shapes of three puzzles and quilted 3 little mini-blanket-sized puzzle pieces on my Bernina. This is a great way for crafty types like myself to add a personal touch, use up some scrap fabric, and give a lasting gift that honors the older siblings. And it probably took me about 20 minutes!

Considerations for Choosing Sprinkle Gifts:

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when selecting a gift for a sprinkle:

  1. What gets yucky after one child has used it a-plenty? Opt for items that may need replacing after extensive use, such as teething tools, pacifiers, or bottle accessories.
  2. What did my child (or myself as a child) love love love? Share cherished items from your own family, like beloved clothing or toys, to spread warmth and nostalgia.
  3. What’s a lesser known book title every child needs on their shelf? Select durable and timeless board books that can be enjoyed by the growing family for years to come.
  4. What’s useful when a person has multiple kids? Think about practical items that cater to parents with multiple children, such as portable sound machines for on-the-go soothing, something to entertain a rambunctious toddler sibling, or better yet: a gift card for the help of a postpartum doula!

As someone who values simplicity and meaningful connections, I appreciate the emphasis on friendship and honoring parents-to-be at baby sprinkles. And the gift ideas shared here are not only great for subsequent children but also resonate with minimalist and environmentally conscious first-time parents!

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Carly B

Carly B

Carly is a postpartum doula and Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) based in the West End of Richmond, Virginia.