Bambino Babysitting App Review: A Parent's Insider Take (Rose, Thorn, Bud)

CEO Carly Buxton reviews Bambino Sitters App

In our new Parentswarm series, we're swarming in with genuine, unfiltered reviews of real products and services designed for parents and caregivers. Using the ROSE-THORN-BUD format, we'll share the highlights, lowlights, and opportunities for each company we review.

Today, we're kicking things off by taking a close look at Bambino – the popular babysitting app aimed at making it easier for parents to find trusted sitters in their local area.

The ROSE 🌹: Seamless Sitter BookingThe biggest upside of using Bambino is how seamlessly it connects parents with available babysitters nearby. No more cagey responses from friends about their best-kept sitter secrets or endless scrolling through Facebook groups. With Bambino, you simply list the details of your sitting need, and the app pings eligible sitters who can accept or decline the job. It's a huge timesaver compared to traditional sitter-hunting methods.

The THORN 🌲: High Cancellation RatesWhile Bambino excels at making the booking process easy, my personal experience reveals a significant downside – an almost 50% cancellation rate from sitters. After over 15 bookings through the app, I've had sitters frequently cancel last-minute due to sickness, changed plans, or other reasons. Bambino does relist the job to other available sitters, but finding a replacement on short notice is hit-or-miss. For truly important engagements like concerts or can't-miss events, the uncertainty makes Bambino a risky choice currently.

The BUD 🌱: Enabling Location FlexibilityMy biggest recommendation for Bambino's future growth is to introduce more location flexibility for parents booking sitters. Currently, the app only allows booking sitters for jobs at your listed home address. However, a key scenario where Bambino could be incredibly useful is for parents traveling or attending events where they don't have local sitter connections. The ability to set a temporary location and book trusted Bambino sitters in those areas would be game-changing for parents on-the-go. With proper safety verifications in place, this feature could open up Bambino to a huge new market of users.

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Carly B

Carly B

Carly is a postpartum doula and Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) based in the West End of Richmond, Virginia.