How One Sleep Consultant Uses Nessle to Streamline Her Business

Nessle for Pediatric Sleep Consultants: A Case Study in Streamlined Client Interaction and Business Efficiency

As a pediatric sleep consultant, I love using Nessle to run my business. I wanted to share with other sleep consultants how I use Nessle from both a client-facing and a business-owner perspective. I hope sharing my experience and use of Nessle may help give you some ideas to expand your usage of the platform or help you to decide if you’re still considering it as a resource in your business.

Client-Facing Use

Nessle makes it incredibly easy for me to share my services and products with clients, both existing and potential. My offerings can vary, but as of the date of this article, I have seven public resources listed on my Nessle bio, ranging from free digital downloads to my sleep consultation package, and even a self-paced sleep training course for parents.

Here are some of the ways in which I share/communicate those resources:

  1. During or after networking events, I’ll share a link to my website, which includes various links to my Nessle bio page.
  2. Upon meeting a potential client in person or on social media, I’ll share a link directly to one or more free resources on my Nessle bio so that they benefit from the value it offers and can get an idea of the type of services/support I offer.
  3. My website incorporates links to my Nessle bio, ensuring that all transactions happen on the Nessle platform.
  4. In my email newsletter, I include links to specific resources on my Nessle bio as a call to action.
  5. When a parent books a consultation with me, they immediately receive my parent-consultant agreement and a welcome letter that includes a link to complete a family questionnaire.

Nessle makes it easy to communicate with potential and existing clients, saving me time and optimizing information and resource delivery for parents. And the ease of use isn’t limited to client engagement. I also find it incredibly useful on the back-end as well.

Back-End Use

Truth be told, my sleep consultant business is a side hustle…at least at the moment (I have full intentions of making it my primary gig soon enough). I share this because you, too, may be transitioning like I am to a new job, or simply looking for a side hustle. In either case, time is scarce and it’s all the more important to maximize our time.

From a back-end perspective, Nessle allows me to do everything I need on a single platform:

  1. All of my services are listed on Nessle, as are the digital resources I offer.
  2. I can choose which of my services are public versus private. For example, if I want a sleep package available for all potential clients to book, then I make it public. But for add-ons that I only want available to existing clients, I’ll make those private and share only when needed.
  3. Clients can easily sign contracts, eliminating the need for another tool like Docusign.
  4. Nessle easily integrates payment processing and even allows setting up payment plans. I can request payments from clients when ad-hoc needs arise, allowing some fluidity in my business and how I support my clients.
  5. All of my expenses and income are also tracked and managed in Nessle, making tax time a breeze.
  6. Nessle leverages Zoom for all the virtual sessions, thereby eliminating my need to pay for Zoom separately.

As a teacher, it’s just part of my DNA to share ideas and to educate others, especially on topics and tools that make life (or in this case, business) easier and more efficient. If you are a sleep consultant, or any other practitioner serving babies and parents, I hope you’ll find this information useful as you wade through all the technology you could use to run your business and why I’m a huge proponent of Nessle. We all want technology to work for us and the streamlined, all-in-one platform Nessle is building is an easy choice for all birthing, baby, and parenting support professionals.

Harlee M.

Harlee M.

My name is Harlee Maddocks, and I am the founder of Rested Remedies, a pediatric sleep consulting business helping parents of babies and toddlers teach their child how to fall asleep and stay asleep independently.