Reclaiming Parenthood: How Quality Sleep Transformed My Life

Mother cradles baby

I am not the kind of person who functions well on little sleep. So when we welcomed our new daughter into the world in March of 2022, getting up every two hours during the night with her really impacted me. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my mental health and marriage were suffering because of it.

This was a problem I needed to address…and quickly. I dedicated myself to learning all I could about infant sleep and practiced implementing the various things I learned. By eight weeks old, she was sleeping 9+ hours at night. While her sleep was good, babies are noisy sleepers, and I still wasn't sleeping well. When she was 5.5 months old, I transitioned her to her crib and sleep-trained her using one of the methods I coach families on. Within three nights, she slept in her own room without intervention for 12-14 hours. To this day, she still sleeps like that, including a solid 1-2 hour nap!

At the time, I desperately wanted:

  • My child to get the sleep she needs to thrive
  • Time to myself in the morning to drink my hot coffee before she woke up
  • To put my child to bed and have alone time with my partner at the end of the day
  • To feel comfortable having someone else put my child to bed so that I could have a date night with my partner
  • My child to take consistent, predictable naps so that I could bust out some tasks I’d felt like I hadn’t had time for
  • To actually feel rested and energized myself

You too?

Once my friends and family learned of how sleep was transformed in our home, they started asking me for advice. So I gave it to them and I watched as their lives transformed, just like mine. From then on, a spark was lit. Helping burnt-out, exhausted parents find joy and thrive in motherhood has become a passion of mine.

Despite what society tells us, being a parent does not mean you must be sleep-deprived!

So many clients tell me they’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, followed the Insta pages, asked questions in the mom groups, or watched the videos...but their child still isn't sleeping. And they want to sleep train their child without leaving them to cry it out but can’t figure out how.

I get it. I was them. And now I get to help them find relief like I did.

I’m telling you from my educated and personal experience, you do NOT have to accept a life of sleep-deprived motherhood. No mother does!

As a teacher, it’s just part of my DNA to share ideas and to educate others, especially on topics and tools that make life easier and more enjoyable. If you are a mom who’s exhausted and just trying her best to get by on snippets of sleep, night after night, I’m encouraging you to reject the idea that this is a problem you must live with. Book a sleep assessment today to learn about what it would be like to work together and see how you can improve your sleep and that of your baby…because quality sleep can actually help you get your life back.

Harlee M.

Harlee M.

My name is Harlee Maddocks, and I am the founder of Rested Remedies, a pediatric sleep consulting business helping parents of babies and toddlers teach their child how to fall asleep and stay asleep independently.