Why This Life Coach for Moms is Making a Case for Nessle

Efficiency Unleashed: A Life Coach's Guide to Nessle for Parenting Professionals

As a life coach for moms, and a mom myself (a homeschooling one at that), I’m always looking for an “easy” button. I want gadgets that serve multiple purposes and tools that make my life or business more efficient. I don’t want to get bogged down in a bloated tech stack that I’m consistently perplexed by or fighting to integrate seamlessly (is that even possible?).

Enter Nessle, a budding platform for parents to connect with the professionals they need, for their kids and for themselves. From the planning stages to teens and beyond, all parents can use Nessle to find a variety of resources to help them more easily navigate the ins and outs of parenthood with a curated circle of support. But the platform can only be as good for the parents as the cadre of experts available from whom they can obtain support.

Why You Should Use Nessle

If you are an entrepreneur serving birthers or parents, and are not currently on Nessle, here are a few of the reasons why you should consider the platform:

  • Values Alignment: If you’re like me, you serve parents because you desperately desire for their life and parenthood experience to be simplified or more enjoyable, or both! Doing business with companies that share that sentiment feels good and will communicate to customers our genuine care and compassion for their needs.
  • Focused Marketing: We all know the struggle of being a small business owner and networking endlessly to connect with potential customers. The best method of connecting to the very clients we want to serve is to be available where they are.
  • Broadened Marketing: Nessle’s interest is to make it easy for parents to find the support they need. Any business servicing the parenting community would benefit from joining a platform that seeks to help businesses get in front of their ideal clients. As a small business, I’ll take every opportunity to expand my marketing efforts that doesn’t demand more of my time.

How You Could Use Nessle

Still on the fence about using the platform? I get it. Let me share the exact method I used for a recent group coaching program. Perhaps understanding more of the nitty gritty might help spark some ideas for how to use it in your business.

1. Program Development

I have a methodology I often share with clients in our 1:1 coaching sessions. I decided to turn it into a group coaching program to support more clients at once and to also give the participants an opportunity to engage with other, like-minded moms with similar desires. I decided the cadence of the group coaching program would be six weeks long and include weekly delivery of one to two videos, a workbook, and two group coaching sessions.

2. Creation of Nessle Resources

The program resources were incredibly easy and quick to establish in Nessle (profile completion is required first). First, I created a package of all the group coaching sessions. I then created separate packages of the digital assets needed for each week. For example, my Week 1 package included the video(s) and the PDF workbook respective to the content for that week.

NOTE: I didn’t combine everything into one package because I wanted to deliver content over a six-week period. That way, they didn’t get any digital content delivered prior to the start of the program, yet they had immediate access to all the meeting details for the entire program.

3. Marketing

I created a webpage to explain the details of my program and shared it with my community via social channels and my weekly newsletter. All links to sign up on that webpage pointed to the group coaching resource I’d created in Nessle.

4. Signups

Anyone who signed up was able to pay quickly and easily within Nessle. I received a text message when someone signed up and also received an email confirmation. The same was true for students. (Nessle even includes the ability to capture electronic signatures; although I didn’t use that feature for this program.)

5. Program Delivery/Communication

Nessle communications helped to keep me and my program participants informed, which helped to keep everyone accountable and timely. Nessle sent both emails and automated text messages at different intervals to remind us of upcoming sessions. I also used Nessle’s in-platform secure messaging to communicate with participants for ad-hoc communications and to notify them of weekly digital download availability.

I hope this blog post sparked some ideas for how you might use Nessle to support your business goals and growth! It’s only one use case and doesn’t reflect the full breadth of the Nessle platform, not to mention they continue to add features at seemingly lightning speed. You can keep up-to-date on their current plan structures here

Nessle’s commitment to creating a platform to ensure parents can find the support they need is the initial reason I was attracted to them. After all, I’m a mom who experienced many struggles myself in the early years of motherhood that I only wished I’d had more of an understanding of and support to navigate. And as a life coach who shares the commitment to closing the gap of support parents have in this journey, I’m all in on supporting the growth of this company and for using it as a tool in my business. And my hope is that all businesses supporting birthers and parents will join, too!

Tina Unrue

Tina Unrue

Hi! My name is Tina. I help moms prioritize themselves so that they can prevent burnout and truly connect with themselves and the people and things that matter most.