What's new on Nessle?

New features, releases and announcements from Nessle.

February 10, 2023

Get Support Page

This week we launched a new way to find support on Nessle, the "Get Support" page!

On this page you can view all of the sessions, group sessions and more that Nessle experts offer. You can filter by topic, keyword and session type among other filters. We hope this gives parents a quicker and simpler way to seek out the support that they need.

January 27, 2023

Simplified Parent Registration

To help parents get the support they need quickly and easily, we've made some updates to our registration process to make it faster and more seamless! Now, parents can find the expert and support they're interested in and go through the booking process, creating their account as they go rather, than having to sign up for Nessle and then book. We hope that this will help busy parents save a little time!

January 13, 2023

Add to Calendar Buttons

To make it easy for parents and experts to track their upcoming sessions, we recently released the ability to add 1-1 sessions and group sessions to your online calendars via a single-click button.

This feature currently supports Google, Outlook, Office 365 and Yahoo calendars. Simply select the one you want, click the link and it will open a calendar invite in another tab to easily save the event to your calendar. Enjoy!

January 13, 2023

Canceling and Rescheduling Sessions

This week we launched an update that allows users to cancel and reschedule their sessions!

For parents, this means that once you've booked a session and suggested times to meet with your expert, you can update those times and request to reschedule the session if you've already agreed to a time. You can also cancel the session for whatever reason, which will notify your expert of the cancellation.

For experts, you also have the ability to reschedule and cancel the session with automatic notifications going to the parent. Of course, you will continue to be able to chat with each other even after a session has been rescheduled or cancelled to convey further detail beyond the automated emails.

Here's a quick video demoing the two features:

January 10, 2023

Group Sessions

We're excited to announce an expansion of the types of support parents can receive on Nessle, group sessions! Nessle Experts can now add the group sessions and classes that they offer on Nessle and parents can conveniently find and book group sessions via their Nessle account to learn about parenting, sleep, lactation and more in a virtual group setting.

Here's a quick demo of how to create a virtual session as an expert:

Here's a quick demo of how to book a virtual session as a parent:

We hope this brings many new opportunities for support to our Nessle parents, enjoy!